Sensormatic® MK75IZA Hand Detacher


  • This is a genuine Sensormatic® product with a unique, verifiable serial number
  • The MK75IZA Hand Detacher is the MK75I Hand Detacher with a boot deactivator attached to the top
  • Manually removes Gator type hard tags (i.e. Ultra*Gator and MicroGator) from merchandise
  • Deactivate Ultra*Max labels by pressing the boot against the label
  • The detacher includes a lanyard to secure it to the counter-top
  • Note: This item is not designed to remove SuperTags
  • Height: ~18cm (7in)
  • Weight: ~410 grams (0.9lbs.)
  • Price: US$89.95 + shipping (US$10.00 worldwide)

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