Sensormatic® AMD-3040 Hand-Held Detacher


  • This is a genuine Sensormatic® product with a unique, verifiable serial number
  • Manually removes all types of Sensormatic® Supertags from merchandise
  • The detacher includes a lanyard to secure it to the counter-top
  • Dimension: 19cm x 11cm x 7.5cm (9.84in x 5.91in x 3.94in)
  • Weight: 1 kilogram (2.20lb.)
  • Price: US$119.95 + shipping (US$10.00 worldwide)


2 responses to “Sensormatic® AMD-3040 Hand-Held Detacher”

  1. neroverissimo1 Avatar

    Hey guys loyal and returning customer here just got the atomic detacher and its amazing.

    Now im looking to get this but what is the difference between the two handheld detachers before i decide

    1. admin Avatar

      Good to hear you’re happy with your previous purchase. The difference between the two hand-held detachers are 1) the AMD-3040 is used for removing all types of Supertags and 2) The MK75IZA is used for removing Ultra*Gator tags. These are two very different types of tags.

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