N42 neodymium magnet blocks


  • Compatible with Alpha SpiderWraps
  • These N42 neodymium magnets can be used in place of an Alpha S3 Key
  • Use them to quickly and easily open SpiderWraps if your S3 Key is not readily available
  • Magnets are cut to exact specifications, with a strong pulling force, and are long lasting
  • Also opens Alpha safers / keepers, security display hooks / hangers
  • Price: 8 blocks for US$29.99 + free shipping

This product is no longer stocked.

We recommend you consider the Generic S3 style Handkey.


3 responses to “N42 neodymium magnet blocks”

  1. admin Avatar

    This product ships from SC, United States.

  2. Jimbob808 Avatar

    Hi, will the four magnet technique work on Alpha 3alarm spiderwraps? Thanks

    1. admin Avatar

      Yes, that’s what these are designed for. And you might find this article useful: http://www.tagremovers.com/alpha-s3-handkey/