Generic S3 style handkey

Generic S3 style handkey

  • Compatible with the Alpha S3 Handkey to detach (release) Alpha protected merchandise.
  • Opens Alpha safers / keepers, 2alarm spiderwraps, security display hook / hanger, etc.
  • Handkey features tabs that enable easy alignment for operating S3 products
  • Size: 120mm x 25mm x 10mm | Color: Black
  • Available pricing:
    1 x Generic S3 style handkey      US$49.95 each
    2 x Generic S3 style handkeys     US$44.98 each
    5 x Generic S3 style handkeys     US$29.99 each
    + USPS Ground Advantage shipping  US$5.00 fixed


7 responses to “Generic S3 style handkey”

  1. villahards Avatar

    Hi placed an order for this item on the 30th of January. I still haven’t heard from yourselves apart from taking my money. Can you help please?

    1. admin Avatar

      Hi Villahards. We noticed your shipping address is in the UK, but you selected shipping by USPS (USA), so we’ll need to sort something out with you to fix this up. Please check your email.

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