Atomic detacher


  • The Atomic Detacher is the quintessential magnetic detacher
  • Magnetic force: 20,000GS
  • Suitable for all (RF) hard tags and Sensormatic Ultra-Tags
  • Caution: Keep away from metal objects to avoid attraction
  • Weight: 1.2kg (2.65lb)
  • Diameter: 90mm / Height: 52mm
  • Price: US$329.95 + shipping (US$20.00 worldwide expedited)


2 responses to “Atomic detacher”

  1. neroverissimo1 Avatar

    Hey guys ordered from here in the past ordered this item today, was wonderig when i should expect this. Thank you guys

    1. admin Avatar

      Hi, and thanks very much for your business. Your order will be processed in about 24 hours, and we’ll have a DHL tracking number issued for you shortly thereafter. At that time you’ll receive your tracking info by a system generated email.

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