Spare arm detacher hook


  • Spare replacement hook compatible with Sensormatic® Hand-Held Detacher
  • Can be used to quickly remove Sensormatic® Supertags
  • Material: Tempered steel | Weight: 5 grams
  • This product includes a 12 month replacement part guarantee
  • Price: US$24.98 + free worldwide shipping


5 responses to “Spare arm detacher hook”

  1. admin Avatar

    Most items in our store ship from SC, USA. Check out the shipping page for ETAs.

  2. […] More often, we are hearing of items (potentially used for shoplifting) being seized, such as the detacher hook or magnetic pocket […]

  3. ngarciag Avatar

    Hi is this available for purchase?

    1. admin Avatar

      Yes, it’s a popular item and still available for purchase.

  4. fred Avatar

    is this items is available for sale ?

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