Deluxe Pocket Detacher


  • All the power of a golf magnetic detacher in a more compact design
  • Also features a lanyard for easy securing to a counter-top
  • Magnetic force: 12,000GS
  • Material: Aluminium coating
  • Weight: 500 grams (1.10lb.)
  • Diameter: 40mm (1.6″) / Height: 45mm (1.8″)
  • Available pricing:
    1 x Deluxe pocket detacher        US$119.95 each
    2 x Deluxe pocket detachers       US$99.95 each
    + USPS Priority Mail shipping     US$10.00 fixed


13 responses to “Deluxe Pocket Detacher”

  1. Mjb1986 Avatar

    I recently placed an order through tag-it security almost a week ago and have yet to recieve tracking information. I have also tried to email and call customer service with no answer. I would like to know why this is taking so long. Order#1200000474

    1. admin Avatar

      Hi Matt, your item has been shipped out by USPS Priority Mail, and your tracking information was emailed to you just now.

  2. Mjb1986 Avatar

    I have not recieved any information regarding tracking for this item. Please send an email with tracking information to the following address [email address removed for customer’s security].

    1. admin Avatar

      Matt, check your email spam folder please. The tracking information was sent to your correct email address.

  3. fred Avatar

    made a order on july 28, 2016 and have not received an email on the status of my order 1231-1347. Also requested info 2 days ago on a ticket.

    1. admin Avatar

      Hi Fred, we’ve regenerated the tracking number for you. Please check your email for a system generated message. Further, USPS advises that you can expect your shipment to arrive today, Monday, August 15. Thanks for your patience.

  4. fred Avatar

    Made an order on the 16th of Dec., and submitted a ticket on the 18. Have not receive any response. The product is paid for, $209.00 was deducted from my account.Receipt from Detacher Co.

    Receipt #1532-8183

  5. fred Avatar

    I posted a messeges 8 days ago about the status of my order
    Receipt from Detacher Co.

    Receipt #1532-8183
    It’s important for me to receive a tracking number

  6. fred Avatar

    I haven’t received any reply concerning my order,

    1. fred Avatar

      Hi, guys hi guys
      I’ve been waiting patiently for some reply about my order, the only confirmation was the payment, I need inform. About my order receipt# 1532-8183

  7. fred Avatar

    How much longer will take for my items to arrive? A reply on the status is all need

  8. fred Avatar

    hey guys i have patiently waiting for a response about the order i made and paid for it , its feb 16 now

  9. fred Avatar

    why is the site is active , if i have not receive any reply total silence , and I’m out of 209 dollars without the items i order, given 24 hours for a reply , no response will lead me to take actions

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