Golf Superlock detacher


  • Strong magnetic power contained within core
  • Magnetic force: 12,000GS
  • Suitable for most (98%) magnetic based (RF) hard tags
  • Weight: 500 grams (1.10lb.)
  • Diameter: 75mm / Height: 34mm
  • Available pricing:
    1 x Golf Superlock detacher       US$89.95 each
    2 x Golf Superlock detachers      US$79.98 each
    + USPS Priority Mail shipping     US$10.00 fixed


9 responses to “Golf Superlock detacher”

  1. anca07 Avatar

    Hello, i ordered this item on the 26th last month and didnt receive any information regarding my order, only that my money have been taken out of my account. It s been 2weeks….Any updates please? Thank you

    1. admin Avatar

      Hello Anca, a system generated email with your tracking information was sent to you on June 6. Please kindly check your junk or spam folder for this information. We do apologise that it took this length of time to ship your goods, but this was due to us finding a suitable shipper for your address in Romania.

  2. Leonard.Jr Avatar

    These are the types of tags I use in my store, will this be sufficient enough to remove them?

    1. Leonard.Jr Avatar

      These links do not go to the correct place.
      Basically, will this remove gator and clam tags?

      1. admin Avatar

        We corrected your links so that they point to the full URL. Please see our reply to your question below.

    2. admin Avatar

      In the first image, the Golf Superlock detacher will detach all of those security tags, except for the last two pictured (Gator tags) which require the MK75IZA Hand Detacher.

      It will also remove the pins from the security tag shown in the second image.

  3. fred Avatar

    I’m still waiting on a response, about my order on December 16th. I submitted tickets with no luck. It’s very important to know the status of my order
    Receipt from Detacher Co.

    Receipt #1532-8183

  4. fred Avatar

    Happy. New Year I’ve attempted to contact by submitting tickets post comments with no reply yet, just need a reply bout my concerns
    Status of my paid items, thanks

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